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There are many benefits to hardwood flooring. Wood flooring may be the last flooring you ever install in your home or business! With a lifetime warranty on all hardwood floors, you can be confident that your new wood flooring will provide you years of beauty and worry-free maintenance. Hardwood floors are also the best choice for those with allergies. Synthetic carpet fibers trap dust, pollen, pet dander and other allergens, and they can be difficult to clean. Wood flooring is easy to maintain and provides you with a healthier living environment. Simply vacuum and mop weekly, and keep the floor dry — that’s it! Our reputation in Chichester for our hardwood floor installation is second to none. We are confident enough to encourage you to compare our products and services with any other Chichester hardwood flooring company. We know that we offer the best products for the best price in comparison with other Chichester hardwood companies.


If you are looking to update your floors to dependable and durable laminate flooring, we have exactly what you need! Holmes Flooring and Cabinetry offers a variety of laminate wood flooring as a more durable alternative to hardwood floors and laminate tile flooring to achieve the stone look you desire. We carry a large selection of underlayment pads to absorb sound and prevent moisture damage as well as laminate trims to create a clean, cohesive look. Our selection of installation and maintenance tools will help you complete the job and maintain your floor for years to come.


Solid, engineered or floating Bamboo is renewable and sustainable. It is an attractive hardwood floor with a hardness similar to oak. It’s usually sought either for its attractive appearance, or for its appeal as an eco-friendly flooring option. Natural bamboo floors have a light wood color, similar to beech, but can be processed for darker colors that can be indistinguishable from other hardwoods. You can find dark bamboo flooring and black bamboo flooring that works well in a more formal room. Solid bamboo flooring is a great option for many different rooms in your home. Bamboo is a highly renewable resource.


Comfortable, sustainable and available in many desirable looks, cork has a lot going for it. Although cork floors have soared in popularity over the past decade or so, they’ve been around for a long time. Natural cork comes from the bark of cork trees, found mainly in southern Europe and northern Africa. Cork is another highly renewable resource. The trees regenerate their bark after it’s harvested over time. If there’s an allergy sufferer in your home it is naturally hypoallergenic and fends off mold, mildew, rot and pests. You’ll adore its natural variations in tone and texture, which add a richness and depth to your floor.